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'' A meeting place for all those who love the sea ''


The Alpha Diving Center is located a few steps from the sea in the pretty little port of Golfo Aranci.
The DIVING is a convenient and efficient organization, from the front desk where you will be welcomed and you can reserve and get information about our activities. You will have a dressing room with a bathroom and hot shower at the back of, your personal property you can leave them at the reception which will take care to return them to your return. Your equipment will find wide space for the dwelling for the duration of your stay, where you can wash it and spread it to dry. The center also has a classroom equipped to perform all of the courses from the basic patent to the most advanced, first aid courses, and administering of oxygen and as a training center instructors have the ability to undertake the diving career and transmit your passion to those who like you love nature and the environment submerged.
Porto Golfo Aranci Alpha Diving
Thanks to its position, it allows us to carry out activities and guided dives in the Site of Community Interest of Capo Figari and Figarolo and in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo. Thus being able to visit the most beautiful wrecks and shoals of the north-west of Sardinia.
For those who have a technical patent or want to take part in the ESA Extended Diver courses, you can discover with our instructors the most hidden backdrops and areas of the area or simply spend more time on the ground during the countless dives proposed ...
Capo Figari dal mare
Figarolo trekking

With us you can discover all year the wonderful depths of the SIC of Capo Figari and AMP Tavolara and many other diving sites of northern Sardinia, accompanied by expert guides who will show you curiosities and peculiarities on the many dive sites that this coast has to offer and you will meet countless organisms that populate these waters.

You can carry out nitrox diving, at night and wrecksdive, or take the patents or you can customize your dives or your course with a private guide.
We organize trips for groups or schools with personalized offers in the most beautiful diving in Sardinia giving you the chance to make use of our equipment in order to avoid excess baggage and or giving assistance for completing courses.


is the exploration of the underwater world with the help of fins, mask and snorkel (snorkel) to breathe without raising his head from the water and watch the sea bed.
Snorkeling can be done all year in calm sea conditions.
It can be practiced alone or accompanied by expert guides that illustrate the special features of the habitats and the species observed.
for the first time is something unique!

With us you will have the opportunity to try a unique experience, swim a few meters deep into a new and different world, fascinating and mysterious, with special attention to safety and the environment.
Each will be personally followed and kept in close contact by an instructor who, after having given the first basics, take you on a dive where you will discover the beauty of the underwater world.

Recreational, Technical and Professional

With many years of experience in the field our instructors are able to teach you to dive safely and making you learn the best techniques to have fun and be more conscious in the water, with a strong respect to the environment.
With us you can carry out courses from entry level up to professional ones to make this your hobby into a business, you will also have the opportunity to carry out a training period alongside the our staff.
To increase the degree of awareness we carry out courses of "first aid" with or without defibrillator and free dive courses.
Big news are the courses "Extended Diver" ESA where you can extend the limits of dives safely and with qualified personnel.


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Piazzetta dei pescatori 4
07020 Golfo Aranci (OT)
Sardinia - Italy


Morning:     8.30 am - 1 am
Afternoon:       3 pm - 8 pm
Info & Reservations

+39 346 3509725
Email Address infobox@alphadiving.it


Piazzetta dei pescatori 4
07020 Golfo Aranci (OT)
Sardinia - Italy

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